What Is Passionists International?

  • Passionists International is a not-for-profit incorporated body to promote the worldwide work of the Passionist Family, especially at the United Nations.


What is the Passionist Family?

  • It is a network of several Religious Communities that share the unifying force of that “Passion for life” which characterizes the spirit, vision and mission of Paul of the Cross, Elizabeth Prout and Madre Dolores


Who comprises the Passionist Family?

  • A coalition of christian groups within the Roman Catholic tradition. There are religious communities, male and female, monasteries of cloistered nuns and lay organisations all sharing the Passionist spirit which is popularly known as a “Passion for Life”


What is the meaning of the name Passionist?

  • A “Passion for Life” is a contemporary expression of the inclusive love of God for people of every nation, religion and race. Paolo Daneo found in the Cross of Christ an expression of love, hope and reconciliation.


What issues does Passionists International deal with?

  • Any work that promotes the dignity of and harmony among all peoples/ work for reconciliation and justice/ development among Indigenous Peoples/climate change and land grabbing/human rights to water and sanitation/ work to eradicate poverty in all forms and everywhere / to end human trafficking and promote freedom of migration/ development/ HIV/AIDS pandemic
  • PI is committed to building resilient communities and to strengthening social justice among the most marginalized and vulnerable, indigenous peoples, youth, elderly, and people with disabilities. To make sure that no one is left behind: people in the prisons, sick and infirm…
  • PI has come to believe that providing the immediate needs of the poor (charity and direct service) is not enough, we need to move just beyond ambulance work. The faithfulness to the gospel and our charism demand work to transform unjust systems that perpetuate economic injustice and social exclusion.

Where is Passionists International to be found?

  • Passionists International is to be found on all continents and in 60 countries.


 “Our Passion for Life makes us work for peace”

 “Passion for Life cares of the earth”

 “Passion for Life means dignity for all”