Passionists International, in collaboration with members of  Justice Coalition of Religious (at the UN), has been working to shine a light on Haiti and urge the international community to support them amidst the extremely rapid deterioration of life, institutions, and the daily atrocities perpetrated by criminal gangs that they are experiencing there. Addressing a number of UN officials – Special Representatives and Special Rapporteurs on human rights and violence against children in particular – and sharing testimonies from Fr. Rick Frechette and other partners in Haiti, we urge the UN to respond: to work with Haiti to end the worsening armed gang violence and terrorism, ensure that increasing humanitarian needs are met, and to bring about peace and stability in the lives of the Haitian People.

The current situation in Haiti…

Sept.8 – One dead as protests in Haiti against the banking system and government turn violent


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By Jacques Ted St Dic, Just Security, September 7, 2022


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“Stolen Future: Haiti’s gangs and its children”